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What are Allergies? How to Prevent Allergies?

What are Allergies?

Allergies are the response from the human body to some external environmental substance which is unreactive to most of the peoples. The same thing can cause allergy to some people while it’s normal for most of the people. The allergies can occur to the people because of dust, food, water, insects, animals, medicines or other environmental substances.

Allergy can occur at any part of the body. Some allergies affect skin, eyes, hairs, blood vessels and even the essential organs such as lungs and kidneys.

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What Happens when we get allergic to something?

The allergic reaction starts when we eat, drink, inhale or get in contact with the reactive elements of the environment.


Our body in response starts to produce the protein known as IgE, which attracts the allergen. Along with Histamine, some other chemicals enter the blood, and then you start noticing the allergy on your body.

What are some Symptoms of Allergic Reaction?

The allergic reaction comes with various symptoms on our body. Some of the noticeable symptoms are listed below:

  • Itchy Throat
  • Itchy Skin
  • Watery and itchy eyes
  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion
  • Sinus pressure

If you are suffering from one or more of the above symptoms, there are high chances that you have been allergic to something.

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What are some methods of Allergies Prevention?

Allergy prevention is the best treatment of allergy, so to avoid allergies, these measures should be followed: –

    If you are allergic to any substance, then, first of all, find out which things are allergic to you.

  • You have carefully observed your eating habits and living conditions.
  • Do not let area around the house be dusty or dirty.
  • Let the maximum amount of fresh airflow in the house.
  • Do not eat foods that are allergic to you.
  • Do not go from hot to cold and cold to the warm atmosphere.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask while riding a bike. Also, use high-quality sunglasses while going out in sunlight.
  • Wash your mattresses, quilts, pillow covers, and cloth, etc. with hot water from time to time.
  • Keep and dry mattresses, blankets, etc. in sunlight from time to time
  • Do not keep your pets in the house if you are allergic to pets.
  • Stay away from the leaves and branches of those plants from which you are allergic to.
  • Do not let the spider web formation in the house. Go on cleaning the house from time to time.
  • Avoid dust place, if you work in a dusty environment then work with wearing a face mask.

Nose Allergies:

People who get allergy in the nose time and again. They should take one spoon of honey, one teaspoon giloy and two teaspoons of gooseberry juice and take it for some time in the morning in empty stomach. It relaxes the nasal allergy.

Eating chavanprayash made at home or of a good company in winter helps in avoiding nasal and pneumual allergies. Ayurvedic medicines such as Sitopladi powder and Giloy powder in the amount of 1-1 grams with honey. Consuming it in empty stomach in the morning will also help in nose allergies.

Skin Allergies:

Those who get skin allergies time and again. During the month of March-April, when the neem tree gets new barks and leaves. Chew the fresh leaves thoroughly with 2-3 black pepper. Repeat it up to 15-20 days, and it will help in skin diseases.

Ayurvedic medicine Haridra made from turmeric is also very beneficial in allergic diseases of the skin. With the opinion of any Ayurvedic physician, you can consume it.

Diet and living conditions matter a lot in all allergic diseases. Therefore keeping your food and living conditions on the right, if you follow these measures, then you will be able to fight allergy.

English medicines in allergic diseases help in prevention but do not end the illness with roots. While Ayurveda medicines are taken in the right way, then it has the power to stop diseases.

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