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Some Basic Home Remedies to Lose Weight Easily

To Lose weight easily is a quite tricky task. To lose weight and to get thin are both different things. Today, we live in a world of a variety of junk food, in which there is nothing in the name of food and nutrition, but yes, it gets plenty of fat. This fat accumulates in your body, which can take the form of poison for several days. With some home remedies, you can remove this fat and toxin from your body.

What do you do to break your weight? Do work hours in the gym, take a variety of weight loss packages or keep on hungering in the dizziness? We have some natural home remedies for you that you can control your weight by including in your routine, as well as your pocket will not be loose.

Home Remedies to Lose Weight Easily

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When you remove this fat from the body, your body will also be cleaned, the stomach will remain clean, and the skin will glow. These are home remedies which will not have any side effects and obesity will also be separated from the individual. You can make these drinks at your own house. These domestic drinks have not been used yet but have been used in different countries for decades. So let’s see who are those drinks that flutter fat from the body.

1. Lemon, honey and hot water

Drinking lemon, honey and hot water in the morning empty stomach will make your stomach perfect, the skin will remain clean and fatness will also be far away, and you can lose weight easily.

2. Lemonade

Drinking lemonade every morning for weight loss is also a practical solution. Those who have cold or sinus problems in winter, they can warm water and add lemon to drink.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea contains antioxidant which keeps wrinkles away. If you want to lose weight easily, then drink Green tea without sugar. It will help you lose weight easily in no time. 

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4. Tomato-Curd Shake

Mix one cup of yogurt (fat-free), half a teaspoon lemon juice, finely chopped ginger, black pepper and salt according to a cup of tomato juice. Drinking a glass of this daily shake will speed your weight rapidly.

5. Gourd Juice

Gourd Juice is a nutritious vegetable. Drinking it fills the stomach, it contains fiber, and it cools the stomach. Drinking it is full of stomach for hours, and there is also control over obesity.

6. Drink a lot of water

Drink at least eight to nine glasses of water a day helps in reducing weight. In many types of research, it is expected that you can burn 200 to 250 calories with eight to nine glasses of water a day.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has proved that drinking it can reduce obesity. You can drink apple cider vinegar in combination with water or juice. It keeps the digestive system accurate and also cleanses it from the problem of cholesterol.

8. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is also very beneficial in weight loss. This juice makes the body’s metabolism fine and ease in fat which helps to lose weight easily.

9. Coriander and lemon juice


60 grams of coriander (mashed), one lemon, four glasses of water.


Cut the lemon into two pieces in a vessel and squeeze it. Mix coriander and water mixed in it. Mix well. Your healthy juice is ready. Take this empty juice stomach for five consecutive days. Green Coriander enhances digestive power and also improves resistance in the body. It removes the impurities of the blood. Lemon regulates hypertension. You can lose about 5 kg weight by taking this juice for five days continuously empty stomach.

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10. Maple Syrup

Mix maple syrup and water maple syrup into hot water and drink empty stomach in the morning. Many of Bollywood’s celebrities also make this tip.

11. Boiled Apple

Boiled apples are very good for health. It will give you fiber and iron too. It also has eased indigestion and helps to lose weight easily.

12. Dendalian Tea

Dendilian tea is a flower tea. In the market, T-bags are also available in the market. It causes more obesity than the body decreases.

13. Red Chili and Ginger

Add red chilies and ginger fresh ginger in your daily diet and eat it. Both of these spices are the best treatment for fat reduction. It also cleanses the lungs and reduces obesity.

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