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Lose Weight and Stay Active with these Workouts

  • By doing only 10 minutes of regular workouts, you can Lose Weight and reduce the stomach up to 3 inches in a week. Some exercises and Crunches show their amazingness in just 10 minutes, so why not try them. 

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How to Lose Weight and Stay active without going to Gym?

1. Reduce Belly Fat:

You can reduce the stomach up to 3 in a week by just 10 minutes of regular workouts. Some workouts in Crunches show their awesome results in just 10 minutes. So if you want to decrease your hips up to 3 inches or about 4 pounds in a week. Then try these workouts and make them regular. You do not even need diets for this. All you need is to stay active.

2. How does it Affect your Body?

Give a glance at this workout program. During this workout, your belly mid part will be reduced for three days from the beginning. After that, there will be a decrease in other parts of the abs. The fifth part of this workout will show changes in other parts of your stomach.

3. How Many Set of this Exercise should I do to stay active and lose weight?

You must do at least three sets of these workouts. Relax for 15 seconds in between these sets, you will not feel tired. After repeating these workouts 50 times, plan the side for 2 minutes. If you feel that you can increase its set, then definitely increase them.

Also, do this with workouts to lose weight fast:

Do not perform any other activities for 30 to 40 minutes to get the earliest benefits of this workout. You can do some other cardiovascular workouts, fast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Try to work hard during this time. Pay special attention to diet, consume nutritious foods. Do not eat fast food, junk food, and fried foods.

1. Hi-poles Crunches:

To do this, lie down on the back, lift your legs, lift your arms, cross each other from each other and keep them on your chest. Raise the upper part of the waist up to about 30 degrees and then come in normal position. Take the breath out while going upstairs and drag the breaths while coming down. Repeat this verb 25 times.

2. Reverse crunches without hands:

Instead of keeping your hands on side of the chest keep it on the back. It will increase the pressure on the stomach muscles. To do this, lie down on the back, grab your hands on the back. If possible, hold the armchair with your hands. Now lift the legs upwards, lift the breath while lifting the legs, pulling the breath inwards while bringing down the foot. Repeat this act 21 times.

3. V Crunches:

This workout has movement in the upper and lower parts of the body. To do the V crunches, lie down on the back, then lift the top and bottom sides of the waist together, to help balance your body. Take the breath out while going upwards and then leave the breath while coming in normal condition. Repeat this verb 11 times.

4. Side Plank:

This is slightly different from the normal Planck. In this, the weight of the body is on one hand and one leg rather than both arms. To do this, lie down side by side, then bend the left hands to the hands of the body. It can be a little harder. Wait for at least 19 seconds in one side, repeat the same action with the other hand. Do 6 sets of this from both sides of this exercise.

Do these four things to stay active and lose weight:

Nowadays, we put all our energy into earning money, and in the end, we have money but there is no good health, for this if we give a little bit of time for ourselves, then we can stay active and fit well in the age of 100 years. 

1. Skipping:

With a regular skipping, your health will be tight and efficient. Skipping reduces fatness, fat on the abdomen and even reduces thigh fat. It leads to blood circulation in the body faster, sweat comes out, and the dirt of the body comes out as well as sweating. Cardiac patients and back problems having people should not do this.

2. Cycling:

Cycling reduces the fat on the stomach, palms, thighs, cloves etc. It is also helpful in stomach related issues. The knee pain is cured by cycling. Those who can’t go cycling outside, run a health cycle which is permanent in one place at home.

3. Morning walk/Jogging:

Morning walk or Jogging In the morning hours is the way of keeping good health. Walking fast is more advantageous. Jogging is an exercise that gives strength and energy to all the muscles of the body.

Fresh air in the morning gives the pure oxygen. Oxygen is better for blood circulation. It gives the power to fight against diseases of the blood. Obesity is also less, but do not take strong snacks when you are meditating. Have a snack.

4. Yoga and Pranayama:

Yoga and pranayama must be done daily for at least 30 minutes in the morning. This will help in reducing the exotic elements gathered in the body from the body and your whole body will become like new.

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