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Top Medicinal Properties of Cloves and its Benefits

What are Cloves?

Clove help in fixing health problems such as sinus and toothache. Cloves are warmer by their property. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat cloves while suffering from cold. If you are using cloves oil, use it with coconut oil, so that its warmth does not damage the health.


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Clove biology nourishes the neurons power. This is why Clove works as an antibiotic in TB and fever. The cloves are beneficial in killing mouth germs coming and also prevents micro-germs living in the stomach.

Clove act as antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. Clove is an excellent source of fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, omega-3, and minerals, as well as it also increases the immunity of our body. You will begin to feel the benefits in 6 days. The benefits of eating cloves at bedtime are as follows.

Identification of the original Clove:

In the cloves sold by shopkeepers, the oil is extracted out of the clove. If there is a wrinkle in the clove, then it is understood that this oil is cloves removed. Do not buy it. Many natural medicines are made from clove. Today we will tell you how wonderful one clove is, let’s go about the benefits of a clove.

Advantages of consuming Cloves at night:

1. Treatment of wounds:

Clove is very intense, add a little cloves olive oil to treat the injury, put it on the wound, it will help to heal the wound.

2. Improvement in digestion:

Clove assists in reducing vomiting, diarrhea, bowel and stomach ache. Just be careful, because cloves are very intense, excessive consumption of it can disturb you.

3. Relaxing from a Toothache:

You can reduce the pain by putting a little clove of oil with a piece of cotton on a painful tooth or your gums. Apart from this, it will also reduce the infection.

4. Reduce swelling:

Use clove oil for massage of aching muscles, and this will ease you soon.

5. Getting rid of the respiratory infection:

Cloves are natural painkillers and also protects from germs. Clove helps to get rid of throat infection.

6. Abdominal Gas:

Grate two clove and boil a half cup of water. Then drink it after it becomes cold. Thus using this three times a day will benefit from stomach gas.


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Other benefits of Cloves:

1. Arthritis:

Take 5-5 grams of cloves, roasted sugar, Aluva and black pepper and mix in ghee juice and make pills equal to gram size and dry them in the shade. After that, taking one tablet each morning and evening will destroy the disease of rheumatism.

2. Improvement of the Digestive System:

Mix 10 grams of cloves, 10 grams of nutrition, 10 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of paprika, 10 grams of oregano and grind it well, and add one gram salt adder in it. Put this mixture in a steel vessel and put lemon juice over it. When it is hard, dry it in the shade and take 5-5 grams with water in the morning and evening after the meal.

3. Dizziness:

First, take two clove and boil them by adding water. Drink after cooling this water. It will help you against dizziness.

4. Tooth Bacterias:

Soak its oil in cotton and place it in the hollow of the paining teeth. It destroys tooth bacteria and reduces pain.

5. Waist Pain:

Massage of clove oil eliminates the pain of other organs besides a headache. Its oil massage should be done before bathing.

6. Asthma or Breathing Diseases:

Boil two cloves in 150 milliliters of water and drink this water in small quantities. It will eliminate asthma and breathing issues.

7. Constipation:

Grind 10 grams of clove, 10 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of oregano, 50 grams of black salt and 50 grams of sugar and filtrate it into lemon juice. After drying, eat 5-5 grams with hot water. You will feel the immediate benefit.

8. Beneficial in Increased Tonsil:

Add a betel leaf, two clove, 4 grains of peppermint into a glass of water and drink it with a decoction. It will help you a lot in the tonsil.

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