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Home Remedies To Remove Wrinkles and Dark Circles Under Eyes

The skin area surrounding the eyes is very soft and delicate. Therefore, it starts getting black and dark and loose very soon quite often. The occurrence of wrinkles and dark circles are quite normal under the eyes. we get to know about it whenever we laugh and wrinkles appear on the skin surrounding our eyes.

wrinkles and dark circles

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And that is the moment when we start thinking that we are getting old. But Natural Ayurveda has unique health tips and tricks to tighten the skin under and around the eyes. You can use various home remedies which consists of all natural products available at home. Below are some home remedies to treat wrinkles and dark circles under Eyes.

Home Remedies To Remove Wrinkles and Dark Circles Under Eyes:

1. Cucumber

It has been mentioned in Ayurveda that the use of cucumbers has different health significances in a positive way. Also, It even helps in the removal of the wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. It helps you to tighten the skin under eyes.
Just massage the skin area under the eye with fresh cucumber every morning and you will see the magic in a week. You can also massage it on your face, it will help you against your facial bacteria.

2. Aloe vera

We all know that Aloe vera is the king of herbs as mentioned in Ayurveda. It has different health benefits. It is used in the treatment of different skin along with stomach related issues. For the treatment of Wrinkles and Dark Circles:
Just take 1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice twice a day. And massage it around the skin area of eyes twice a day. Use this medicine after bathing and before sleeping every day and it will help you make tighten your skin.

3. Banana

Bananas are also very helpful in removing dark circles and wrinkles around the eye areas.
Mash a ripe and yellow banana and mix it with rose water. Apply the Paste on the skin area under the eyes and keep it for about thirty minutes. Clean your face with lukewarm water. Keep doing this for a week or 5 days. You can notice the differences.

4. Potatoes

Many of us do not know but Potatoes also has the magical benefits for the skin.
Apply and Massage Potatoes juice around the eyes before you sleep every day for a week. You will notice the disappearance of the wrinkles and dark circles slowly surrounding the eyes.

5. Tomatoes:

Mix up tomato juice, lemon juice, half spoon of gram flour along with turmeric. Mix them well. Make sure it looks like a thick paste. Apply this paste around your eyes and keep it for about 20 minutes. Clean your face after 20 minutes with cold water. Make sure to do this at least thrice a week. This will reduce the Dark Circle gradually.

6. Rose Water:

Every one of us knows that Rose water can help you disappear the dark circle problem magically. Take few tablespoons of Rosewater and wet it in a cotton. Keep the soaked cotton over the eyes and keep your eyes closed. Do this process for 10 minutes every day. It will make the skin under and around the eyes shine just after few days of doing this.

7. Almond Oil:

It is proved that Almond oil is very beneficial to help you remove wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Apply almond oil under the eyes and gently massage with fingertips. Keep it for some time. Then again lightly massage the area with your fingers for 10 minutes. After this, clean the face. You will observe the changes within every few days of doing this.

8. Honey & Almond Oil:

Mix almond oil and honey thoroughly around the eyes before sleeping and keep it all night. Whenever you wake up in the morning. Just wash your face with clean water. The Wrinkles and Dark Circle will be overcome within a few days by trying this recipe daily.

9. Peppermint:

Grind the leaves of peppermint and make it a thick paste. Next, gently apply the paste around the eyes. Leave this paste for a while and then wash the areas around the eyes with clean water. This will surely help you to remove and disappear the Dark Circle.

10. Orange Juice & Glycerine:

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered as highly beneficial for skin. Mix some drops of glycerin in orange juice. And apply this mixture under your eyes and the surrounding area every day. This is an effective way for the disappearance of the Wrinkles and Dark Circle.

11. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is very beneficial in various problems related to skin. Just take a few drops of Olive Oil on your fingertips. Massage with light pressure around the eyes. It will help in improving blood circulation around the eyes. It also reduces the fatigue of the eyes, removing the problem of wrinkles and dark circles.

12. Make a Natural Ayurvedic Paste:

Mix 1 teaspoon gram flour, 1 spoon honey, 1 spoon milk, half a teaspoon mustard oil, and make it a thick paste. Next, Apply this paste on your face around the eyes and leave it for 15 minutes. After that wash it with lukewarm water. Use this mixture twice a week. It will tighten the skin under the eyes.
What Not To Do?
Avoid taking Tension & Stress. Wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes also increase due to over thinking and stress. Even untimely hair fall starts, so it’s better to avoid the unnecessary tension. Do not work on TV and computers for a longer period of time.

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